Building Physical Health.

In Gymrun we have an essential vision – building physical health. We recognise the need to be transparent, by embracing assessment. We note the importance of inclusion, of leaving no pupil behind. And we have a sustainable, supporting curriculum. Every pupil receives a graded woven badge following completion of the Gymrun Five Challenges assessment lesson. Every school receives progress data.

Gymrun embeds inclusive physical health standards into the culture of schools – engaging and motivating all pupils. It encourages pupils of all abilities to push themselves physically, cognitively and personally. Gymrun covers three of six PENC areas in one lesson and supports all five DfE SPF guidelines.

Physical Health Assessment.

Pupils complete the Gymrun Five Challenges in one lesson, to reach one of eight physical health standards. Each standard matches a colour badge. Our five challenges provide personal competition. And develop all pupils’ understanding of how to keep physically healthy.

Physical Health Curriculum.

Pupils complete sequenced exercises in or beyond the school day, improving physical health, literacy and wellbeing. For two years, the Gymrun Curriculum has been taught to 120 pupils in a North Bristol primary school. Using the Gymrun Five Challenges assessment, this school has recorded a 42% increase in physical health. Last year, 75% of Year 6 pupils in this school, compared with 41% in all schools, reached the blue badge. We call this ‘Blue by Eleven’.

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Gymrun Schools

St Paul’s Juniors. Lowther Primary. Thomson House. St Paul’s Hammersmith. Newton Prep. Malorees Juniors. Byron Court. Ryefield Primary. Wimbledon High. Scott Wilkie Primary. QEH Juniors. Manorbrook. Crossways. Gillingstool. Frome Vale. Coyote Fitness UK. Castle Secondary. South Glos. G&T. Heron’s Moor Academy. Charfield. Portishead. Mary Elton. St John’s Tisbury. Luckington. Urchfont. St Mary’s Broadway. Bredon Hancock’s. T20Roar. Pebworth First. Hatch Ride. Gorse Ride. Priory. Greville Primary. St Dunstan’s. King’s Avenue. St George’s CE Battersea. Horningsham. Corpus Christi Catholic School Brixton.