Building Physical Health.

Gymrun embeds a fun and inclusive physical health strategy into the culture of schools – engaging and motivating all pupils to develop physically, cognitively, personally and socially. On completion of the Gymrun Five Challenges, every pupil is awarded a woven badge, while working in three of six PE NC areas. The peer-assessment design of Gymrun encourages teamwork and communication. Through cooperative learning, pupils evaluate and think critically about their own and others’ performances. Gymrun creates a wonderful atmosphere where more able pupils support and reaffirm those less able, as fitness and health leaders.

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Simple Strategy.

Pupils can complete the Gymrun Five Challenges in one lesson, to reach one of eight physical health standards. Each standard matches a colour badge. Our five challenges provide personal competition, while developing all pupils’ understanding of how to keep physically healthy. Using the Gymrun Curriculum and Gymrun on YouTube pupils complete sequenced exercises in or beyond the school day – improving physical health, literacy and well-being.

Embedding Gymrun.

Book a day for us to deliver the Gymrun Five Challenges lesson to classes in your school. This delivery can be combined with an after-school Gymrun Training workshop, providing full accreditation and valuable CPD. Once accredited, staff can deliver the Gymrun Five Challenges sustainably – returning scorecards to Gymrun for data processing and badge distribution.