We know that improved physical health will positively impact pupils’ lives, their ability to learn, their resilience and their mental and social well-being.

At Gymrun, we embed a fun and inclusive physical health assessment into the culture of primary schools. We encourage all pupils to challenge themselves, understand that failure is ok, and to learn from these experiences.

Gymrun supports the revised DFE guidelines for the school sports premium and meets key personal development criteria in the new Ofsted framework.


Pupils complete Five Challenges in one lesson, achieving one of eight stages in our badge system.

The assessment provides personal competition, developing all pupils’ understanding of how to keep physically healthy. The informative data and motivational badges raise the profile of health and well-being across your school.


Gymrun provides 30 minutes of physical activity in the school day, improving physical health in all pupils.

Visit Gymrun on YouTube to watch sessions 1-10.