Engaging Every Child.

At Gymrun, we consider functional fitness development as a core foundation for all learning. Children with higher functional fitness enjoy improved readiness to learn – physical literacy – short-term wellness – long-term physiology – physical self-esteem.

In our modern world, low and declining fitness levels are a reality for too many children. The core purpose of Gymrun is to support a fitter future for every child. A bit like Yoga or CrossFit, Gymrun is an inclusive fitness philosophy, but designed for children.

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Simple Strategy.

The Gymrun Challenges framework enables every child and every organisation to monitor, understand and celebrate fitness progression. Click on the link here to see what it means to achieve the elusive and much coveted pink badge.

Gymrun Interventions provide teachers, coaches, trainers and parents with purposeful fitness solutions for every child.

Arrange a day for us to deliver the Gymrun Challenges to classes in your school or club, to see Gymrun in action. This delivery can be combined with Gymrun CPD to suit the needs of your organisation, making Gymrun fully sustainable.

The Gymrun Story.

Since 2001, I have worked as a PE teacher, Head of PE, Personal Trainer and Director of Sport, driving transformative changes in state and independent schools. In this time, I have seen the positive impact of improved fitness on all areas of children’s lives. In 2016, I set up Gymrun to build an inclusive fitness legacy – forming innovative partnerships – in education, health and sports settings. I have found a way to do this that is fun, inclusive and purposeful. Gymrun was created with every child in mind, particularly those who are less active and less physically competent. It’s very important to me that Gymrun works effectively for these children.

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The Gymrun Group.

The Gymrun Group is an expanding collaboration of physical activity organisations who share in the belief of positioning functional fitness development at the centre of children’s physical education experiences. This group’s members include Nuffield Health, Future Stars Coaching, SG Sports Coaching, Sports Xtra, SAS Academy, 360 Cricket, The Girls’ Day School Trust, London Sport and Marathon Kids. Our flagship schools are Manorbrook Primary, Newton Prep and St Paul’s.