Gymrun Curriculum – How it works

Children work in pairs to complete bodyweight exercises and short periods of running. For each movement there is an easier and a harder version. The focus is on quality of movement and high activity time.

There are thirty sessions, repeated in each year group. Contact Gymrun for a free PDF copy of these session plans.

Case Study

To see a case study on the Gymrun Curriculum, click here.

Gymrun Testimonials

Year 3 Teacher.

‘The short, sharp, intensive activities are well structured, with clear outcomes that are challenging yet attainable. Sessions are differentiated appropriately to suit all children. Progress is easily measured through the Gymrun Assessment meaning it is clear to the pupils how they are currently performing and what their next target is. Gymrun has led to a significant improvement in the childrens’ fitness.’ 

Year 4 Teacher.

‘Sessions are pacey and well matched to pupils’ abilities, allowing all to participate and experience success, without fear of failure. The Gymrun routines are an excellent model for pupils to adopt as a part of their own health and fitness regimes, for the future. We have seen a great deal of improvement in the pupils’ enthusiasm, performance and fitness.’ 

Year 5 Teacher.

‘Children of all abilities are engaged in the activities and focused on improving their performance. There has been a clear improvement in the class’s general fitness as well as how they approach a task they find tricky because they see how their hard work can lead to progress.’ 

Year 6 Teacher.

‘The children are learning to listen and respond appropriately to their body so that they push themselves safely to achieve their best performance. These sessions ensure all children are fully participating and consistently challenging themselves to improve.’