These take 50 minutes with a class of 30 pupils.

There are two options for completing the Gymrun Five Challenges:

1. School staff complete our Gymrun Accreditation to deliver the session.

2. We deliver the session in your school.


The Speed Bounce: Stand parallel to the hurdle with both feet hip width apart. Bounce with two feet over the hurdle.

Measurement: Number of repetitions in 30 seconds.


The Sit Up: Lie on your back and touch the floor above your head with both hands. Sit up and touch the floor in front of your feet with both hands. Return to starting position.

Measurement: Number of repetitions in 60 seconds.


The Dip: With straight arms, place your hands facing forwards on the front edge of the bench. Lower your arms until they make a right angle at your elbows. Return to starting position, keeping your legs straight at all times.

Measurement: Number of repetitions in 60 seconds.


The Power Jump: With two feet, leap forwards. Land on two feet with your weight moving forwards. Measure the distance from the line to the back of your body part nearest to the line.

Measurement: Distance jumped in centimetres.


The three minute run: Run around the 50m grid at a steady pace as many times as you can.

Measurement: Distance covered in three minutes.

Data Processing

Completed scorecards are sent to Gymrun where each pupil receives an overall physical health score.

We process data lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner.

To see our GDPR Compliance Statement, click here.

Gymrun Badge System

Each pupil’s score matches one of eight coloured badges. All badges are sent to your school, arranged by class.

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