Cancel PE. OFSTED are coming.

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Last week a primary school I work closely with received the call, ‘OFSTED are coming’. That same evening I received a call, ‘Would you mind if we cancelled Gymrun/PE tomorrow, there is too much to get in.’

As it turns out this meant I could attend my daughter’s first ever Sports Day and give her a cuddle when she fell over in her running race.

But I should have been delivering Gymrun/PE lessons that morning. The children absolutely buzz for these lessons. Their attitude and engagement is exceptional. They benefit hugely from this time as a multifaceted learning experience, while investing in their personal fitness, health and wellbeing. Life skills are addressed. Resilience is nurtured.

In addition, as an experienced, dedicated and qualified PE teacher whose expertise I know is valued by this school, these lessons would surely have strengthened this school’s inspection.

The decision to cancel Gymrun/PE/physical activity during an OFSTED inspection examples the continued low profile of this area of school life within the primary school setting.

I remain convinced that if we were to track the physical progress of every child towards inclusive standards, PE would become better protected and hold greater currency in the eyes of headteachers, senior stakeholders and our wider society.

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